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Talent Recruitment and Retention

Talent Recruitment

If a unit wishes to recruit staff due to manpower requirements, the unit should fill out the selection and assessment form of the Human Resources Division and submit it to the Human Resources Division. The Human Resources Division will notify the supervisor of the unit to conduct the selection and assessment and decide whether to hire the candidates.

❶ Vacancy of on-site technician: recruitment time every Monday to Friday (AM:9:00~11:00, PM:13:00~16:00)

For all other vacancies, please apply by filling out the resume and autobiography through the online platform of 104 Human Resources Bank.

Implementation of Government Programs and Cooperation

In order to create win-win situation, we will take the initiative to inform the person about the applicable program according to the attributes and qualifications of individual candidates during the process of selection.

Employment Incentive Allowance for Shortage of Work

For unemployed workers with previous employment experience (unemployed for more than 30 days) who apply for the vacancy of on-site technician, we will take the initiative to inform them of the outline of the implementation of the program and the process of qualification verification. If approved by the employment center, the employee can apply for additional incentive allowance to increase the economic security of the employee after being hired for the stable job.

Cross-District Employment Allowance

For people seeking jobs in other counties and cities, we take the initiative to inform them of the current eligibility criteria for application of Youth Cross-District Employment Allowance and Cross-District Employment Allowance, and if they meet the criteria, they can apply for the allowance to alleviate the financial pressure on those who work across districts.

Youth Employment Flagship Program

In response to the government's Youth Employment Flagship Program, we strive to nurture young workers by providing stable financial income as well as complete educational training and workplace mentorship support during the process when the workers adapt themselves in the workplace.

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