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Supplier Management Specification Requirements

The Company is concerned about the development of the overall supply chain in the economic, environmental and social aspects, and continues to improve the overall supply chain to meet international standards, and expects to become a sustainable force to enhance society. The Company’s goal is to build a supply chain that is environmentally conscious, respectful of labor rights, safety, and health, socially responsible, and sustainable. To this end, the Company pays close attention to the risks faced by its suppliers; In addition, to maintain supply chain stability, each material must have at least two or three suppliers located in different geographic locations to flexibly address the operational risks associated with international scene changes, extreme weather, and major natural disasters; To reduce the risk of future shortages due to extreme weather, major natural disasters, or changes in the international scene.


The Company has always viewed its suppliers as long-term and reliable partners. Good supplier is the key factor for business growth. Therefore, based on the principles of safety, price, delivery, quality, service, environmental protection and sustainability, the Company carefully selects qualified suppliers and regularly reviews the suppliers’ product quality, delivery, service and continuous improvement and attention to the environment.


The Company has established rules for the evaluation of suppliers. In addition to business management, technical capability, and production capacity, new suppliers must also provide a "Supplier Basic Information Survey Form" with a "Declaration of Confirmation of Environmentally Hazardous Substances and Conflict Minerals", a "Supplier Sustainability Statement", and samples (including SDS Safety Data Sheet) for investigation and evaluation by the responsible department. After the supplier passes the investigation and the evaluation, it can be classified as the Company’s qualified supplier.

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