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The Operation of Internal Audit

Internal Audit Operation

The Audit Office of the Company is subordinate to the Board of Directors and attends the meetings of the Board of Directors to present the business report, implement the annual audit plan approved by the Board of Directors, and assist the Board of Directors and the Officers in examining and reviewing the deficiencies of internal control system and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of business operation, and provide timely suggestions for improvement to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the internal control system and to serve as a basis for reviewing and revising the internal control system. Reasonably ensure the achievement of the following objectives:

The effectiveness and efficiency of business operation, and ensure the effectiveness of the internal control system.

The reporting is reliable, timely, transparent and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Regarding the compliance with the relevant laws and regulations: operating procedures such as the Company's sales and revenue cycle, procurement and payment cycle, production cycle, payroll cycle, financing cycle, property, plant and equipment cycle, investment cycle, information and R&D cycle, ensure the achievement of operational objectives.

Supervision and management of subsidiaries.

The Audit Office of the Company consists of an Audit Supervisor and an auditor, and may have a suitable number of dedicated and competent internal audit staff depending on business situation.

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