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Rules of Conduct on the Interaction of Interested Persons

In order to implement a high quality corporate culture and maintain the image of the Company, Kenda Tire has established rules that require employees not to accept gifts of property from those who have an interest in their duties; not to participate in banquets with those who have an interest in their duties (except in special cases); and for those who are affiliated with each other, there are rules that take into account both sentiments and reasoning.


Since its inception, Kenda Tire has formulated its requirements and regulations on the acceptance of improper benefits or acceptance of hospitality from vendors or interested parties, which are regarded as the most serious negligence. Apart from continuing this excellent tradition through the heritage of corporate culture and prevent any misconduct through organizational rules, control mechanism and employee training, Kenda Tire has promulgated the "Rules of Conduct on the Interaction Between the Employees of Kenda Company and Interested Persons".

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