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Issues of Concern

Information security    
Sustainable operation strategy    
Corporate image  
Transparency of information
Supplier management

Engagement Channels and Methods of Response

Actively invites the suppliers to sign the Sustainability Development Declaration and Supplier Sustainability Development Questionnaire.

The complaints lodged by suppliers will be accepted if the name of complainant can be identified. The complainant has to provide:

(1) Name of the supplier

(2) Name of person

(3) Contact telephone number
(4) Specific evidence of the complaint (including the person/thing/time/
place/object of the complaint).

After the complaint case is accepted by the special unit, the relevant facts will be investigated and legal and other related departments will assist when necessary. If the complaint case involves violation of laws and regulations or the Company’s rules, depending on the circumstances, the case will be reported to the competent authority for investigation or handled in accordance with the rules of the Company. If no specific evidence is found, the case will be closed and filed on record.

Results of Stakeholder Engagement

The number of suppliers signing the Supplier Sustainability Development Declaration and Questionnaire increased from 1030 to 1,133 and the percentage of major suppliers signing reached 100%.

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