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Issues of Concern

Employee benefits
Operating performance
Labor relations
Corporate image

Engagement Channels and Methods of Response

Relevant welfare measures are announced on the internal website, email or the Company's physical bulletin board.
Holds the meetings of Employee Welfare Committee.
Disclosure of operating performance.
Labor-management relations meetings are held, and meetings of the Labor Retirement Reserve Fund are held.

Results of Stakeholder Engagement

Employee health checks are held annually.

In 2023, the Employee Welfare Committee held meetings. Rewards with a value of $6,674,983 and childcare subsidies with a value of $489,000 were granted.

Disclosure of operating performance in the annual reports.

❹ Labor-management meetings were held 11 times.

Meetings of the Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Supervisory Committee were held for 11 times.

❻ Enterprise union meetings were held 4 times.

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