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Issues of Concern

Customer engagement    
Transparency of information    
Quality of service    
Information security
Corporate governance

Engagement Channels and Methods of Response

Customers can contact the company through email or communication software.
The marketing department regularly produces and publishes corporate communications and outdoor advertisements, and organizes exhibitions at home and abroad regularly every year to introduce new products, communicates with customers face-to-face, and visits customers' sales offices to increase cohesion and strengthen unity.
The Company conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys to collect more accurate information for analysis.

Results of Stakeholder Engagement

The sales staff are divided by products/regions to serve existing customers and respond to them accordingly.

There are a total of 47,000 KENDA Facebook followers

(Kenda Tires USA); 28,000 Instagram followers (@kendatire). KA (US office) & KE (European office) serve local customers directly in the key markets. In addition to corresponding services for the existing customers, new customers worldwide can also contact Kenda through the official website ( and get a quick response.
Kenda Company's customer satisfaction level in 2021: performance result of service quality: 91.2.

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