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Gender Equality and Diversity

We are committed to provision of a working environment of dignity and safety for employees. We practice employment diversity as well as equality in remuneration and promotion opportunities, making sure that employees are not subject to discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment arising from ethnicity, gender, religion, age, political leanings, or otherwise protected by applicable laws and regulations.

We attach importance to the diversity of our employees and over-employ disabled employees, and have been repeatedly recognized by the Changhua County Government as "Outstanding Employers with Disabilities and Over-employment of Disabled Persons Enterprises". In addition, we also respect the cultural customs of the aboriginal employees on the job, and there has never been any violation of their right to work and human rights.

Equal Pay

The company has established the "Remuneration Committee" to provide employees with competitive salaries, and use a transparent and equal remuneration policy to give back the company's operating performance to employees.

For entry-level specialists of the same position, all employees are treated equally. For those who have relevant professional and working experience, the treatment will be approved according to their academic experience, expertise and certification. There will be no differences based on gender or ethnicity.

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