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Employee Rights
and Benefits

Since its inception, Kenda has been upholding the business philosophy of integrity, service, quality and innovation. We abide by relevant labor laws and regulations and are committed to improving the well-being of ouremployees

and the working environment.

Trade Union Organization

We have established a labor union organization in accordance with the law and hold regular meetings with union members and representatives, and we facilitate the exchange of information and communication between the Company and employees by holding labor-management meetings.

Employee Welfare Committee

The Company has established the Employee Welfare Committee according to the law, which is responsible for organizing recreational activities and handling other welfare matters for the members.

New Employee Orientation

When new recruits report for duty, they will sign an irregular contract with them, fully inform relevant rights and obligations; and arrange16hours of orientation (company notices, work rules, safety notices, etc.), issuing security

Code, etc., to ensure that every Kenda employee can fully understand everything related to itpersonal matters.

Regular Briefings in the Morning

During the daily briefing session/roll call in the morning, the department head will inform and explain the important information and approach of the Company to the employees. If necessary, education and training will be arranged to ensure that all employees understand the Company's policy and move forward towards the common goal.

Welfare Measures

For a family - "Happy mother, happy family"; for the Company - "Kenda treats employees well, the employees are well at ease". Since its establishment in 1962, Kenda Tire has grown from a team of 50 people to an operation scale of more than 10,000 people. The relationship between the employees and the Company is close like an extended family. Therefore, it has become a happy and blessed company where "the boss treats employees well, the employees are well at ease, the government’s mind is put at rest and everyone is happy". This is already the mission of Kenda.

"Life is more exciting when your life gets moving" - we believe that a vibrant workplace environment and energetic partners is a driving force for us to move forward in the next 50 years. Therefore, the Company not only arranges exercise training during the daily briefing session in the morning, but also organizes family hiking day regularly, cycling tour around Taiwan, employee travel activities and health promotion activities etc.

Thoughtful employee welfare measures

❶ All kinds of statutory insurance

Marriage subsidy

Funeral subsidy

Hospitalization subsidy

Children's education scholarship

Language allowance

Gift certificates and coupon in festivals

Special merchant stores

Discounted price for purchasing company products

Provision of company car for business purpose

Parking spaces for employee cars and motorcycles

Regular health examination and medical care

Provision of uniform and safety shoes

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