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Pension System

Perfect Pension System

The Company contributes pensions in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. New and old pension contribution rates (6%/15%): Pension payments are made monthly to individual accounts or through a dedicated account at the Bank of Taiwan at a lump sum.

The contribution rate of the old system pension is 2% to 15% according to the law. In order to protect employees’ post-retirement life, the Company makes monthly contributions to the Bank of Taiwan at the most generous rate of 15% of the total salary. As of December 31, 2022, the Company has contributed $465,941,346 to its pension fund.

The new system applies to the persons as designated under the Labor Standards Act (including ROC citizenship, foreign spouses, spouses from China, Hong Kong and Macao, and foreigners with permanent resident). The company contributes 6% of monthly wages to the Labor Pension Fund, which is deposited in the Individual Labor Pension Accounts set up by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, and workers are eligible to apply for the pension fund when they reach the age of 60.

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