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Sustainable Development Committee

The Message from ESG Committee

KENDA (the “Company”) is a tire manufacturer that has been in operation for more than sixty years. Over the past 60 years, the Company has always committed to Mr. Jing Bao Yang’s (the founder) philosophy of “Honesty, Quality, Service and Innovation” to reach the pinnacle of success. The Company started to issue Corporate Social Responsibility Report in 2016.  In order to reach the goal of re-innovation and transformation of the Company, upgrading corporate governance and deepening sustainable management, the board of the Company established ESG Committee in early 2022.


(In the picture, from left to right, are: member Chang,Hong-Der, Chairman of ESG Committee Yang, Chia-Ling, member  Lin, Tsung-Yi)

The Company is not only a tire manufacturer, but also a corporate, together with business operation and profit making, focusing on environmental protection, corporate governance and social responsibility through the operation of ESG committee to show the Company’s great attention to the corporate mission.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the key idea of this committee. The initial prospects and visions of the ESG committee:

(1) to cope with the Company to establish 17 key indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation (E), social responsibility and care (S), corporate governance and risk control (G), so that the Company has concrete and clear ESG goal.

(2) not only to extend the strategy of sustainability to employees, but also to extend it internationally. While creating profits and enhancing international competitiveness, the Company is able to comply with regulations and standards to take on environmental protection, reduce environmental risks from climate change and related social responsibilities.

(3) to demonstrate sustainable management results digitally for stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, invertors, suppliers, government and general public to better understand the Company’s performance, to gain more confidence, and to invest and cooperate with the Company with affirmation.


The ESG committee anticipates the Company not only rolls the tires, but also extends the concept, responsibility and obligation of ESG to every corner of the world along with the track of the tire.


姓名 Name
職稱 Position
主要學歷 Academic Qualifications
主要經歷 Principal Work Experience
目前兼任之職務 Position(s) held concurrently
楊佳玲 Yang, Chia-Ling
董事兼主委 Director and Chairman of ESG Committee
中國醫藥大學藥學系學士 Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, China Medical University
建來貿易總經理 President, Kenlight Trading
建來貿易總經理 President, Kenlight Trading.
張宏德 Chang,Hong-Der
副董事長兼委員 Vice Chairman and Member of ESG Committee
美國康乃爾大學機械博士 Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
建大工業總經理 President, Kenda Rubber
建大工業副董事長 Vice Chairman, Kenda Rubber
林宗毅 Lin, Tsung-Yi
董事兼委員 Director and Member of ESG Committee
國立台灣大學電信研究所碩士 Master’s Degree in Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University
歐柏林科技(董事長 Chairman of the Board, OBERLIN TECH
歐柏林科技副總經理 Vice President, OBERLIN TECH


2023 Material Topics of Sustainable Development

➊ Circular Economy
Talent Recruitment and Retention

Green Production
Sustainable Supply Chain
Climate Action

The Terms of Reference

Review and approve the annual targets for each of the environmental, social and governance (hereinafter referred to as “ESG”) areas related to the operations of the Group.
Propose sustainable development policy or system and supervise the implementation of the plan, and report annually to the Board of Directors.
Review and approve or file a record of the implementation plan for each area of ESG.
Review and approve the preparation of sustainability report.
Other matters to be handled by this Committee as resolved by the Board of Directors.

Sustainable Development Committee Implementation

The Implementation of Sustainable Development Committee is as follows:

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