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EHS and Energy Management Policy

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

Green production, safety and health, sustainable management.

The Company upholds the management philosophy of “integrity, quality, service, and innovation” to plan the production process in accordance with the standards of the Cleaner Production Assessment System to meet the needs of the “zero pollution,” “zero disasters,” and “recycling” policies. The Company establishes annual management key performance indicators for the environmental impact on the production and the Significant Issues of concern to Stakeholders for continuous improvement. The Company complies with the following action guidelines:


The Company complies with environmental, occupational safety and health, energy regulations, and other requirements.

The Company reduces wastewater, waste gas emissions, and pollutants to prevent pollution.

The Company saves electricity, steam, and resources needed in the manufacturing process and uses energy-efficient facilities to reduce carbon emissions.

The Company implements hazard identification and risk assessment and management to prevent injuries and health hazards.

 The Company continues to provide trainings to its employees and push for performance management on environmental protection, safety, and health and energy saving to implement full participation of all employees in work safety, environmental protection, and energy conservation.

The Company has strengthened internal and external communication to reduce waste from manufacturing, packaging, and using the products, and to promote recycling and reuse of resources.

❼ The Company has strengthened the operational management of its facilities to prevent emergencies such as fires and spills.​

Energy Management Policy

In terms of energy management policy, the Company has adopted green energy, planned for economical use of contracted energy capacity and staggered peak energy usage policies, and installed solar power facilities on lease to reduce energy demand. The Company will aim to reduce energy consumption by 1% per year in response to the government’s policy of energy saving and carbon reduction. The Company’s principles include:


Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Complying with energy regulations and fulfilling social responsibilities.

Implementing energy management systems to reduce carbon emissions . 

Promoting the participation of all employees to achieve the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Raising the awareness of all employees to save energy and create sustainable management.

Strengthening the application, recycling, and reuse of renewable energy.

Effectively managing energy through the concept of The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Company has established an energy management

team to be responsible for the activities and responsibilities

of the energy management system.

工作 Job
權責單位 The Authorized Unit
行動 Action
能源審查 Energy Audit
工務部 Engineering Department
能源使用與消耗盤查、能源績效指標與基線、節能專案審查工作 Review the Company’s energy use and consumption, energy-related performance indicators and baselines, and projects relevant to energy saving.
能源管理法規和能源使用效率標準 Energy Management Regulations and Energy Efficiency Standards
工務部 Engineering Department
須宣布與更新能源管理相關法規,確保相關人員了解最新發展情況 Responsible for announcing and updating regulations related to energy management to ensure that personnel are aware of the latest development status.
行動計畫 Action Plans
能源管理小組 Energy Management Team
每年訂定節能改善專案及績效指標 Establish energy saving improvement projects and the relavant performance indicators annually.
溝通 Communication
能源管理小組 Energy Management Team
針對能源管理進行內部與外部溝通,包含守規義務要求(如能源查核申報作業等) Conduct internal and external communication on energy management, including compliance obligations (e.g., energy audits and reporting operations).
設計採購 Design and Procurement
工務部、保全課 Engineering Department,Security Section
重大能源使用設備之能源績效設計與採購管理 Design energy performance indicators for equipment of significant energy use and manage the relevant procurement.
文件化資訊管理 Documented Information Management
工務部、保全課、製造單位、文管中心 Engineering Department,Security Section,Manufacturing Unit,Document Control Center
編制與管理(數位化)能源管理系統之檔案文件 Compile and manage digital energy management system documents.
內部與外部稽核 Internal and External Audits
能源管理小組、外部稽核單位 Energy Management Team,External Audit Unit
定期實施內部稽核與外部稽核 Regularly conduct internal and external audits.
數據監督與量測 Data Monitoring and Measurement
工務部、保全課、製造單位 Engineering Department,Security Section,Manufacturing Unit
進行電力、瓦斯、用油等數據測量與蒐集,彙整數據與分析 Measure and collect data on electricity, gas, and oil consumption for compilation and analysis.
能源管理手冊 Energy Management Manual
工務部 Engineering Department
修改手冊部分內容,已與最新政策和修改程序一致Revise and update the energy management manual so as to follow the latest policies and revision procedures.
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