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Occupational Safety and Health

In accordance with ISO 45001 “Occupational Safety and Health Management System,” and implementation of occupational safety and health management in the workplace, the Company conducts regular employee trainings on workplace inspections, contractor management, false alarms report, and toxic substance management. It is the Company’s responsibility to its employees and their families to make continuous improvements in the spirit of the P, D, C, and A management cycle, and to establish a working environment that meets the requirements of regulations and customers.

“Safety First” is one of the most recognized slogans in the workplace and in daily life. Not only workers but also their families concern about the safety and health as they work in a workplace with hazards.

The Company’s workplace safety statement is as follows:

Employees should wear clothing, hats, safety shoes, and safety gear in accordance with the standards.

Employees can not enter hazardous areas or operate others’ equipment without permission.

Employees shall not break safety devices or force them to fail.

Employees should stop operation of equipment in case of abnormality and report to the team leader/shift supervisor.

Employees are not allowed to listen to music or use cell phones during work.

All workplaces are non-smoking area (except in the smoking area). Alcohol and betel nuts are prohibited in workplace.

Employees should stop, listen, look, and give priority to vehicles at intersections of workplaces.

For more details on Occupational Safety and Health Management Performance in recent years: 2022 Kenda Sustainability Report 5.3 Occupational Safety and Health (p.150-p.165).

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