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Diversity Policy of the Board of Directors

Article 20 of the Company’s “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” stipulates that the composition of the Board of Directors should consider diversity. The Company should formulate appropriate diversity guidelines with respect to the Company’s operation, operating style, and development needs, including basic qualifications and values (e.g., gender, age, nationality and culture), professional knowledge and skills (e.g., legal, accounting, industrial, financial, marketing or technology), professional skills, and industry experiences.

❶ The percentage of female directors is 9.1%

❷ The percentage of independent directors is 27.3%

 The percentage of employee directors is 27.3%

❹ Among the 11 board members, 2 have earned their Ph.D. in the U.S. and 5 have master’s degrees

The directors have a profound international perspective and extensive experience in finance, management, industry, international and regulatory fields.


The current Board of Directors of the Company consists of 11 directors. The implementation status of the diversity of the board members is as follows:

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