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Corporate Grievance System

The process of the company's grievance system is as follows:

1. The acceptance method may be paper submission, telephone/verbal, email, mobile communication software, and submitted to the unit supervisor or the human resources department.

1.1 Human Resources Department Hotline: 

8345171 Ext.630


1.3 A dedicated physical mailbox is located at the counter of the Human Resources Department.

2. Acceptance principle

    Anonymous (fake) complaints and reports will not be accepted. However, the accepting unit or personnel should take absolute confidentiality measures to keep the identity of the parties concerned, depending on the nature of the case and the situation of the parties involved, in order to prevent the parties from suffering secondary harm. Complaints and reports should be filed within thirty days from the day after the fact occurs, and will not be accepted after the deadline, except in special circumstances.

3. Acceptance unit:

    Employee complaints and reports should be submitted to each unit level by level. However, if the unit is unable or remiss to handle it, it can be submitted directly to the management unit or the Human Resources Department.

4. Employee complaint information

 4.1The complainant’s name, job number, unit, professional title, contact number and other relevant information should be provided.

 4.2Reasons for complaint or facts reported.

 4.3Attach relevant documents sufficient to prove the facts.

 4.4Date of filling in the form.

 4.5Employee Complaint Handling Record Form.

5. Investigation process:

  5.1Preliminary hearing

    When receiving a complaint, the accepting unit must first confirm whether the content contained in the complaint is clear and specific. If the complaint falls under any of the following circumstances, it may not be investigated and will not be accepted (handled).

    (1)Anonymous or imposter.

  (2)Those who file a complaint beyond the time limit specified in the preceding paragraph.

  (3)Matters that are not stipulated in these measures and should be tried by judicial authorities.

   (4)The appeal has no real benefit.

   (5)For a complaint that has been decided or withdrawn, a complaint is filed again based on the same reasons and facts.

  5.2 Fact finding

  (1)When handling a complaint, the supervisor of the receiving unit or the management department (section) shall act as himself or designate investigators to conduct fact investigation.

  (2)Investigators should interview the complainant as soon as possible to understand the details of the complaint. If necessary, they should interview the respondent or other relevant personnel to confirm the facts.

  (3)Before the outcome of an appeal or re-appeal is received, the complainant and the personnel responsible for handling the appeal shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be made public.

   (4)The complainant and relevant personnel have the obligation to accept the investigation, faithfully answer the investigators' inquiries and provide relevant information when handling the complaint.

   (5)After investigation, it is found that the contents of the complaint are inconsistent with the facts and are malicious attacks and false accusations, and will not be included in the scope of the complainant's protection and will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

 (6)After the complaint incident begins, if the complainant or other interested parties file a mediation or judicial report or proceed with a lawsuit regarding the complaint incident or its implicated matters, the investigators shall be notified immediately. For relevant complaints filed by the judicial authorities, the investigation should be stopped before the end of the proceedings, and the investigation should be continued after the judicial authority's decision is finalized.

5.3Investigation results and resolutions

  (1)The investigators should complete the investigation within 30 days from the day after accepting the complaint, fill in the employee complaint response form (Form 12), formulate handling suggestions based on the investigation facts and relevant company regulations, and countersign the approval of the manager of the management department.

  (2)After the investigation results are verified, the complainant shall sign for confirmation. If the complainant is unwilling to sign, the personnel of the accepting unit shall record the reasons on the complaint reply form.

  (3)If a person is dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint, he or she may file a re-complaint with the management department within 30 days from the day after receiving the complaint reply.

  (4)If a complaint is filed again, it will be reviewed by the investigation team.

   (a)Depending on the situation of the incident and the level of the employees, an investigation team will be formed by the management department, audit office, legal office, and the top managers of the units of the complainant and the respondent. The chairman will be elected by the team members.

   (b)If a member of the investigation team has a direct interest in the re-complaint incident, that person shall recuse himself or herself. After withdrawal, other team members will select other employees to form a replacement investigation team.

   (c)Depending on the circumstances of the case, the investigation team may invite trade union representatives, relevant units or external personnel to attend the meeting.

 (d)The investigation team shall complete the investigation and formulate disposal recommendations within thirty days from the day after receiving the re-complaint, and submit them to the President for approval.

   (e)The handling opinion of the re-appeal shall be the final decision, and the re-appeal has no option to declare dissatisfaction.

   (f)If the investigators or investigation team are unable to complete the investigation or formulate disposal recommendations within the specified 30-day period, they may extend it for another 30 days, but only once.

  (g)If there are no special provisions for re-appeal events, provisions related to appeals shall apply.

6.Except for those who intentionally defame others' illegal or disciplinary behavior in the complaints and reports, they shall not be punished or prevented from making complaints and reports in any way. If there is any violation, if it is verified to be true, they will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

7.The complainant (reporter) and the relevant personnel responsible for handling the complaint (reporter) incident shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be made public. If the case information is leaked due to intentional negligence, the person will be punished according to the relevant regulations according to the severity of the leakage.

8.No one may discriminate, coerce or give any unfair treatment to employees because of complaints or reports. If there is any violation, if it is verified to be true, he will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

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