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主要學歷Principal academic qualifications
主要經歷Principal work experience
目前兼任之職務 Position(s) held concurrently
謝春木 Hsieh, Chun-Mou
獨立董事兼召集人Independent Director and chairman of the Audit Committee
國立成功大學化學系學士Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, National Cheng Kung University
建大工業副總經理、獨立董事 Vice President and Independent Director, Kenda Rubber
建大工業薪酬委員會召集人Convener of the Remuneration Committee, Kenda Rubber
蘇慶陽 Su, Ching-Yang
獨立董事兼委員Independent Director and member of the Audit Committee
國立成功大學機械工程系學士Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
中華汽車總經理、建大工業獨立董事President, China Motor Corporation; Independent Director, Kenda Rubber
瑞智精密-獨立董事、 寶一科技-獨立董事、 彥臣生技-董事、 建大工業-獨立董事 Independent Director, Rechi Precision; Independent Director, Aerowin Technology; Director, Nature Wise Biotech & Medicals; Independent Director, Kenda Rubber
卓士昭 Cho, Shih-Chao
獨立董事兼委員Independent Director and member of the Audit Committee
美國路易維爾大學企業管理學系碩士Master’s Degree in Business Administration, University of Louisville
經濟部國貿局局長、常務次長、 政務次長、台大政治系兼任教授Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade; MOEA Vice Minister; MOEA Deputy Minister; MOEA Adjunct Professor; Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University
建大工業獨立董事Independent Director, Kenda Rubber
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